About This Blog

Seeking Myself is a blog about psychotherapy, self-help and recovery from mental health problems – namely recurrent depression with a few other issues thrown in for good measure. ;) I may also write about cats, cooking, the Christian faith, discrimination in the workplace and more.

I’m a freelancer in her early 30s who lives with her partner of nine years. I love music, poetry and cartoons. I’ve also been diagnosed with depression, trichotillomania and social anxiety disorder. The social phobia isn’t really an issue any more but I do have ongoing difficulties trusting people enough to let them support me, as a result of having been severely bullied as a child. I have been helped by both medication and psychotherapy in the past but am currently on a bit of a treatment hiatus.

The quote in my blog’s tagline really sums up my approach to recovery. I’ve found it isn’t a linear journey, but more like a spiral staircase or like peeling back the layers of an onion.

You can find out more about me, my life experiences and my mental health history here: